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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Equipment For Sale 3/13/2019**

The following equipment is available.  Please contact him directly for pictures and further information.

Valentino Robles
(509) 987-7811

Nebula Plate Loaded Low Row
Nebula Selectorized Leg Curl
Nebula Vertical Leg Press
Power-Lift Reverse Hyper
Sorinex Cage Bench
Avenger Leg Curl
Rogers Pendulum Leg Extension

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Equipment for Sale 3/12/2019

Medx Prone Leg Curl
Medx adductor & Abductor
Medx Bicep & Tri
Black Iron Strength Kettlebell Rack
Magnum T Bar Row
Hammer Strength ISO Lateral Seated Bench  New Atlantis Dip Station
Atlantis Adjusted Step Up Bench
TK Star Selectorized Bicep Curl
TK Star Power Squat
TK Star Dumbbell Flat Bench
Nebula Leg Extension
Nebula Sissy Squat
Nebula Accessory Rack
York Barbell 75 lb. Olympic pairs
York Barbell Olympic custom iron island 45lb pairs
York Milled Olympic 45 lb pairs
York Barbell Olympic milled 35 lb pairs
York Milled Olympic 25 lb pairs

Please contact TJ Lynch for pictures and further details on equipment. His phone number is (631) 835-9955 email

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Equipment for Sale 1/24/2019**SOLD 2/2019

Equipment for Sale: Contact Mike Creamer at

Big Wheel Pull Down: A one of a kind custom built plate-loaded pull down machine. Good condition. Built by Jim Sutherland for Dr. Ken's Iron Island gym. Approx. 9ft. high. Comes in two parts. A frame and wheel.  Plus Nautilus Bicep/Tricep combo:  Original plate-loaded bicep/tricep machine. Good condition.

Machines are in storage in PA approx. 90 miles from NYC.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Equipment for Sale 1/20/2019**

MedX Seated Row Machine. Contact Rick Stafford directly for pictures and further information.

(815) 222-1610

Thursday, January 10, 2019

2019 New Year-New Situations

Well we are not yet 10 days into the year 2019. It has definitely been a challenging one, so far.

Of course, rest and relaxation was not all that our family was allowed during the holidays.  Some home DIY before and after the holidays.  Not part of the plan was David's Dad falling on Christmas Eve and shattering his hip.  Christmas Morning was spent in surgery to have a new hip replacement. Guess to have never broken a bone in his 93 year old life is a pretty good record to hold.

Now on to the rehab process. Dad does seem to have a little bit of a sense of humor even with all the major life changes he now has to endure. To quote him when asked how it was to have a new hip? "It probably came from the junk bin"...

I guess it was time for him to have something go wrong since he has tirelessly assisted with David's Mom over the past 14 years in her battle with melanoma. Now they both get around with dueling walkers in the house. It is extremely rough on them now to have to let David and I "help". It is an additional situation on our list but we will try extremely hard to continue moving forward.

Please keep us all in your prayers if you pray.  If you don't you may consider starting....

We have updated a few things on the blog. We still have some equipment that people have available for sale. Check back for additional details and updates.

Happy 2019~

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Equipment for Sale 12/12/2018 UPDATED 3/11/2019

The following are available for purchase. Please contact Gary Anich email Any further information on equipment, contact Gary directly.

SOLD Nautilus Pulldown

Friday, October 5, 2018

Equipment for Sale - October 5, 2018 **STILL FOR SALE

Nautilus Abdominal Machine- See attached pictures. Nice shape. A little rust in places weight stack and bottom (see pics)  but overall great shape. No rips or tears. $400.00 for machine. Contact: David Goalder (660) 460-0133. Serious interest only please. Price does not include shipping.