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Monday, August 12, 2019

Equipment for Sale** August 12, 2019

Contact client directly for photos and additional information. Gary Anich is located in California. (661) 319-8603

Sorinex Donkey Calf (like new)
Nebula Pull up/leg raise/dip station Great condition **SOLD**
Original Pendulum Hip Press Great condition **SOLD**
Flex Standing Leg Curl (Like new refurbished)
Medx Leg Ext.
AFS Seated Cable Row

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Equipment for Sale - August 6, 2019

Some Nautilus pieces for sale. Please contact seller directly for additional pictures and information.

Mike Sanicola -

Nautilus Next Gen. Leg Extension
Nautilus Super Forearm
Nautilus Next Gen. Bench Press
Nautilus Next Gen. Leg Press

Friday, July 5, 2019

Equipment for Sale* July 5, 2019

The following piece is for sale. Please contact Rick Stafford  (815) 222-1610 for any pictures or further information regarding the machine..

Medx Low Back

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Equipment for Sale June 5, 2019**

Please contact seller direct with any questions, or concerns.

TJ Lynch
(631) 835-9955

MedX overhead press
Medx prone leg curl
Medx tricep extension
Medx Avenger overhead press

TK Star 4 stack jungle with high row, angled pulldown, 2 high/low cable crossover and 3 different pull-up handle options

TK Star Power Squat
TK Star seated calf
TK Star Sissy Squat
TK Star space saver squat rack

Atlantis adjustable step up bench with wheels

Flex selectorized Incline Press

King fitness oversized bench with wheels

2 Black iorn strength kettle bell racks with wheels

Nebula weight trees
Nebula two tier assessor rack

Full set vintage York barbell roundheads 1-100 with 3 tier power lift rack

Full set vintage York barbell milled bumpers, 25 kg, 20 kg, 15 kg, with 80s York bar & Powerlift bumper plate rack with wheels

20 milled York barbell 45 lb Olympic plates

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Equipment for Sale 4/16/2019** UPDATE 4/24/2019

Contact seller directly for pictures or additional information on the equipment.

Gary Anich - 661-319-8603

AFS Seated Cable Row-New Condition
Sorinex Donkey Calf-Brand New
Nebula pullup/dip/leg/raise station
Nebula Back Ext.
MedX leg Ext. -Great Condition

**Weights #160, 170, 180, 190, 200 lb.GP Urethane Dumbbells brand new with rack.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Goalder Transportation--No Re branding Zone

Re branding...such an interesting term. I can not really remember how long it has been that this term has become part of business vocabulary.  I know the word and term has many meanings but I still go to the definition of branding an animal.  Cattle and other ranchers use it to burn in an emblem that signifies this animal or item belongs to this particular ranch or person.

 I was recently channel surfing and came across an American Pickers episode where they were at an old farm that had been in the family for  many generations. Mike Wolfe and his trusty sidekick Frank, came across a wooden board that had all the different brands from around the area. The owner indicated that it was used like a business card for cattle that came up missing so that they could be returned to the rightful owner. 

Lately, everyone gets on this current bandwagon of re branding their businesses. New names, new sign but same great service. I am not on board with this new approach.

A few years ago, I did a post on my personal blog about home based businesses that had re branded. A good percentage of those businesses are now out of business. Did it help to re brand? No, actually I think loyal customers got frustrated and new customers didn't know who to look for if it was based on advertising.  Also you will probably be spending lots of time and money by having the market from the former to the current and answer lots of questions as to why did you feel the need to re brand. Doesn't this take away from your business? 

If you want to be a new and improved or revitalized; Do that. The end of last year, we made some changes. Not in our customers eyes but in our own surroundings. A coat of paint, more organized office and yes the sign above. Our original sign that hung in our office had cracked from years of sunlight and it need an update. Also, I helped out a new business in town. It was money well spent to make us remember that we have been doing business almost 25 years under the name Goalder Transportation-Quality in Equipment Relocation. No, new catchy lingo or phrases. Just a new look.

Oh suggested tag lines: Equipment Guru, God of Machines,  The Beast at Work, Legend in the Moving Industry....Whatever you want to call us, good or bad. We work as hard as we possibly can for two seasoned work veterans and will do it as long as we possibly can, no matter the many new additions that are added upon us daily.  One way or another. And by the way, if the word re branding comes up many different ways either googling or spell checking it that is a whole entirely different issue in itself....

 Oh, a big thanks to Little Red Truck Designs In Sedalia. Look it up on Facebook.  

Thanks for the business and hope to see you down the road. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Equipment For Sale 3/13/2019**

The following equipment is available.  Please contact him directly for pictures and further information.

Valentino Robles
(509) 987-7811

Nebula Plate Loaded Low Row
Nebula Selectorized Leg Curl
Nebula Vertical Leg Press
Power-Lift Reverse Hyper
Sorinex Cage Bench
Avenger Leg Curl
Rogers Pendulum Leg Extension