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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Goalder Transportation Orders 8/15/2017

Want to let our clients know we are not taking any new orders until after end of October. We have been swamped with many single orders along with facility moves that we are trying to get covered. Are trying our best to get them done as soon as possible. We know our time frame is sometimes very long and always suggest you have a plan "B".

Thanks in advance.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Equipment for Sale** 6/2/2017

A client has some Nautilus equipment he wants to sell.

Contact: Greg Kelly (480) 799-9218 e-mail Contact him directly for pricing and additional pictures.

The machines are as follows, and all come from the First or Second Generation in good condition:


Indicates he would like to sell as a set but will consider individual offers as well.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Equipment for Sale 5/18/2017** Nautilus Super Forearm Machine

One of our customers has a machine he would like to sell.

Ryan Beauchamp He is located in Canada but machine can be picked up in Minneapolis area. (204) 340-6719. Any other questions, additional pictures and pricing please contact Ryan directly.

Monday, March 20, 2017

IFR Auction Week of March 20, 2017

Bill Casto of IFR will be having an auction of Rare Nautilus and MedX equipment. Please go to his website, He has additional information of what items he has up for auction. At least 15-20 items available with pictures.

Any further questions, contact Bill directly by email: or by phone. He will be posting additional information on his webpage when it becomes available.

Equipment For Sale 3/20/2017**

A customer has asked we post information. Please contact him directly for more information.

I would appreciate if you could post these photos of equipment I have for sale in New York City. My tel. no is 212-353-8834 and I can be reached at this email address. I am asking $500 for each of the Nautilus machines and $1000 for the custom ‘Big Wheel

Mike Creamer

Goalder Transportation Tentative Schedule March 20 thru March 24, 2017

Tentative Schedule subject to change without notice....First Day of Spring.

This week David will be driving to Utah delivering and picking up and returning to MO by the end of week. Then unloading and reloading on weekend. Schedule for the following week to be determined.

Also will be posting on blog about auction of equipment Bill Casto of IFR is having this week.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Goalder Transportation Tentative Schedule March 3-March 13, 2017

Subject to change without notice.

Friday, March 3-Drive
Saturday-March 4-CT/RI
Sunday, March 5-Off
Monday, March 6-NY,NJ
Tuesday, March 7-Drive
Wednesday-March 8-NC?
Thursday, Friday-March 9, 10-GA
Saturday, March 11 thru Monday, March 13-FL (various)