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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Equipment for Sale -February 15, 2018**

Equipment for sale. Contact TJ Lynch email or call (631) 835-9955 to get additional information and pictures.

Black MedX Avenger Overhead Press
White MedX Core Abd & lumbar
White MedX Pullover
Grey MedX Leg Ext.
Grey MedX seated leg curl
Black TK Star Power Squat
White TK Star Power Squat
Black TK Star Olympic flat bench
White TK Star Olympic incline bench
Black TK Star seated calf raise
Black TK Star space saver squat rack
White Pendulum Rogers 5 way neck
Silver Pendulum Rogers Leg ext
Black Flex selectorized incline press
Black Strength inc. custom wrist roller
Rare Milled York Iron Olympic Plates

Monday, February 12, 2018

Equipment for Sale** February 12, 2018

Another client has equipment they would like to sell. Please contact them directly for additional information and pictures.

Gary Anich-CA
(661) 319-8603

MedX rotary torso
MedX seated calf without shields
Avenger Pulldown
Sorinex Donkey Calf
TK Star Donkey Calf
King Fitness Power Squat
TK Star 12 Stack Jungle

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Moving Equipment More Than You Think

I am pretty sure back a couple of years ago I relayed a story about the steps that actually go into our job. It is not just about the relocating of the equipment,  it is the process before, during and after sometimes that is probably the most difficult and usually what is not thought out sometimes both by the client and yes David and I as well sometimes.

The small details left out can be a big difference. It can sometimes be a very long process from first contact to the eventual move to even after the move.  Full disclosure of the situations we might get ourselves into ahead of time makes it a whole lot easier than extra surprises. I think everyone involved would be much happier if "honest is the best policy". If you have used our services before, you know what the general drill is.  New customers, its best to get off on the right foot than the wrong foot.

A check list of what to expect may be helpful to all involved. I know when David worked at major moving companies over the years, each time a large office facility was moved it literally took months and months of pre-preparation before the actual moving day.

One of the major situations that most people seem to forget about is. Insurance situations. Several year's ago we did a move for a client that required additional insurance beyond what our normal limits are. They didn't let us know what the true situation was and after much digging into the situation we found that the client was moving out before their lease was up. Often times this requires a  lot of "hoop jumping" not only by the client and the property managers,  but by the people moving the equipment from A to B. This process is not a quick one and sometimes requires weeks or months of contacts between all involved.

The one thing that clients often forget is David and I are a staff of two.  If you have anything beyond just a normal scope of a general move, please be forthcoming, give us notice and if you have any changes at all please let us know. It can make a difference in charges, time and schedule changes due to lack of preparation.

Remember honesty is the best policy--for everyone.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Studio for Sale 1/29/2018

Information below on studio and content For Sale. Contact Chuck Bystricky directly.


Chuck Bystricky - Owner
InForm Fitness - Boulder Valley

5760 W. 120th Ave. Su. 160
Broomfield, CO 80020

Studio 303-469-0061
Cell 630-675-3984

Monday, November 27, 2017


Contact person is Bill Casto for additional information and pricing.
E-mail at:
(585) 415-3234

Professionally Reconditioned

Early version Hip & back
Compound Leg
Leg Curl
Behind Neck/Torso Arm
NG Double Chest
Double Shoulder
NG Rowing Torso
Neck & Shoulder
Leverage Bicep/Tricep
Multi Exercise

Friday, November 10, 2017

Goalder Transportation- November 10, 2017

My social media assistant has been very busy and hasn't been able to keep up. She wears many hates on her one head so apologies for not keeping site updated.

If you have equipment that you have asked us to post and have sold those items, please send me an e-mail so I can update information on the site. Appreciate your help on that.

As the holidays creep closer and closer and the schedule gets smaller and smaller we ask that you please make every attempt to work with us on delivery schedules. We would like to spend time doing things we don't get much of a chance to do as well as our customers.

David will have one more run before Thanksgiving which will hopefully be one more week to eight days to accomplish this. Again, trying to get things done as best as one man can. Hopefully the weather will cooperate as well. Reminder winter for us is a challenge so be prepared. We will also have one more run before the Christmas holidays as well.

Today is Veteran's Day and we salute those who have served both in our families and in our customer families.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Equipment for Sale 10/5/2017

Please contact Dave Karsten for pictures and any additional information on the below available pieces. 513-235-7454

MedX 16 machine circuit, 1 owner, very good condition. Many units have heavy stack options.
White/blueberry pads shields.

Leg Press
Seated dip
Chest Press
Lateral Raise
Overhead Press
Torso arm pdwn early version
Exercise Lumbar
Rotary torso early version
Abdominal early version
Avenger Neck
Avenger Leg extension
Avenger prone curl

Medx line 9 piece good condition mostly gray/black
Leg press
Leg extension
Seated leg curl
Chest press
Overhead press
Seated dip
Lateral Raise

MTS hi row
Nautilus Smith
Xpload chest press

Vintage Nautilus
Duo Squat
Gen 2 pullover
Leg extension
Prone leg curl
Plate loaded pullover redone
Compound Bicep
Compound tricep spider cam
Neck/should spider cam
Plate load bi/tri
10 Degree Chest
Double shoulder

MedX medical lumbar and cervical. White/black 1 owner good condition

Medx  medical lumbar brown early 1 owner
Medx Rotary torso brown early
Medx stretch brown
Medx early version rotary torso gray/black