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Thursday, August 28, 2008

E-mail from Dr. Ken Leistner

I received an e-mail today from Dr. Ken and he asked that I share his experience with others. He is not a "blogger" so asked that I add to our new site...

Cindy--I've been involved in the lifting sports for 49 years and had the pleasure of working for both Nautilus and Hammer Strength. The first eight pieces of Hammer equipment were designed in my living room by Gary Jones, who assisted me with the birth of puppies while staying here, perhaps the highlight of his New York experience! At Nautilus, I worked in the factory, prototype shop, and as the driver of our only tractor trailer. Thus I know equipment and I know long haul trucking. Dave's recent delivery of some vintage Nautilus pieces to our Long Island facility was a reminder that there are true professionals that do a professional job that deserve respect and repeat business! Man, Dave can drive as well as anyone I've seen in the profession and having dealt with manufacturers who run their own rigs, who come close to the level of care the two of you demonstrated in preserving the integrity of the equipment. Not a scratch, not a blemish on these remanufactured ancient pieces which will enhance their value and enjoyment when in use. I can't thank you enough. Without a doubt, you will remain my carrier of choice. Signed Dr. Ken Leistner, Valley Stream, NY (yeah "that" Dr. Ken)......

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