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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Goalder Transportation New Blog

Our company has been asked if we had a website, and we thought this would be the next best thing and also help give a little bit of background into what our business has provided over the years. So our first entry will be to give a little history on our company....

David & Cindy Goalder are owners of Goalder Transportation in Sedalia, MO. Our journey to go out on our own started in 1995 in Arleta, CA. David provides more than 30+ years expertise in the transportation field. He started his journey in the furniture moving business as a "youngster" and worked for several of the major moving companies around the Los Angeles, CA area. North American, Atlas, Mayflower, and Graebel Van Lines just to name a few. After more years than he cares to remember "lumping" furniture, he decided to move on to "general freight" from produce to drywall he has moved just about everything there is to haul in this industry. After years of working for someone else, we decided in 1995 to "do our own thing". We have hauled for several exercise equipment manufacturers and somehow fell into almost exclusively hauling equipment. We have transported from a wide variety of manufacturers and dealers: Flex, Icarian, Paramount, Muscle Dynamics, Streamline, Promaxima, Nautilus, Medx, Hammer Strength, and the list goes on..... We have delivered to all states, except Alaska (we did have a client who wanted us to take some equipment to the frozen tundra, but we passed) and Hawaii (believe me we would if we could). David's knowledge of equipment is vast, he has been called a "professional" in what he does. And don't tell him it can't be done, because he will pretty much prove you wrong....

Cindy wears the hat of Office Manager. With almost 30 years of experience in business and office related skills; 17 years of which her experience was in civil service with the State of California from clerical/secretarial, management services, public affairs, and accounting for the Employment Development, State Lands Commission, Dept. of Transportation and the Museum of Science and Industry) now the Science Center.

Our goal is to provide personal service to each customer we have. Our air-ride 2007 Great Dane trailer, blanket wrapped services, we hope will help make your experience a good one with us and hopefully continue as a returning customer.

We welcome comments to our blog so that we can better serve all our customers.

"Quality in Equipment Relocation" since 1995
2500 Kay Ave
Sedalia, MO 65301
(660) 829-4241 FAX (660) 829-4239
David Cell (660) 460-0133 Cindy Cell (660) 460-0134

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