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Friday, September 19, 2008


Not by the mile, not by the weight, we prefer not palletized over palletized. The more you have the better price we can give you. We do load and drop and also assembly/disassembly. Each job is never the same, surprisingly. We make every attempt to charge our customers they best price we can considering the amount of work each job entails. We prefer each customer contacts us directly for pricing. We continue to try and keep prices reasonable during the ever changing economic times.

I prefer written quotes over verbal, I love paper trails. Unfortunately our timeframe can be long 6-8 weeks typically. Explaining that if you purchase one piece in New York and want it delivered in Arizona it may take us awhile to get it to you or you might get lucky and get it right away. Traveling all over the 48 states is tough for one guy...But you will be happy you hired us, hopefully. :-)

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