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Thursday, October 16, 2008

"I Heard It Through the Grapevine"

Sometimes it is unfortunate how things get started. Remember playing the game at school of starting a topic and each person who heard the story after you would add one thing to the story and by the time the last person heard the story it wasn't anything like it started out and it was so filled with misinformation it was crazy.....well David heard that we had "went out of business".

So to squash the rumor no we haven't "went out of business" we are changing the way we run the business due to the economic times. It is not cost effective to pick up one piece of equipment at a time. The more items the better at one pickup has always been the better way to do it. Also as individuals decide that luxury items are less important than feeding a family or paying bills we will probably have to start hauling other commodities other than exercise equipment until our economy gets over the hump so to speak. We will continue to service our customers we do have as much as possible but it is unrealistic to know that things are changing and we have to change along with the times.

Time will only tell what everyone will be doing.....

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Anonymous said...


you look very dashing in your blue shirt with a collar. you clean up nicely!

on the serious side, you have always gone above and beyond the call of duty and I thank you for all that you have done for me and my business. I recommend your services daily and will continue to do so. Thanks for all that you have done and i'll look forward to calling on you again soon.

All the Best,

Dave Karsten
President, Elite Fitness & Wellness Products, Inc.