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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Please Give My Horse a Drink

We have moved some interesting people and items over the years and recently an e-mail came across that I thought David was absolutely crazy. He hates to say no to anyone, I sometimes think he would say yes to moving the Statute of Liberty if he thought he could fit it in the truck

Over the years he has moved some interesting people, (Eddie Murphy, EmmyLou Harris, Jackie Zeman) and some interesting requests he has had, but a recent e-mail made me think he had really lost a screw. In part the e-mail was from a Mr. Todd and he wanted to thank David for picking up his "horse" to make sure he stopped to give it water, and that he was looking forward to seeing him in Texas. When I read it I actually thought this person thought we had horse trailers. I immediately called David and said what the hell!. He laughed and proceeded to explain that the "horse" was an antique piece of equipment from the 1880's. I had no knowledge that their is actually a museum at the University of Texas at Austin. The Physical Culture Collection it seems after looking up on the internet is a who's who and what's what of the many different pieces that have been collected over the years. If you are in anyway connected to equipment it looks like the place to go. There is some interesting info on the website so check it out!

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