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Friday, July 3, 2009

Freedom and Independence in the Work Place and the Choices we Make

As today is the start of the Fourth of July weekend some pack up their vehicles and head to parts unknown. This is a first in a long time that David hasn't been on the road working. We almost don't know what to do with ourselves but just the fact that we can be together is a wonderful thing.

In a recent article in a trucker publication an article caught my eye. The story was entitled " The Choices Between Job and Family are Tough". A good percentage of business owners don't have a normal or regular schedule. They work 24/7 either by choice or necessity. When the phone rings they feel the need to answer no matter what time of day or night.

The divorce rate is very high in the trucking industry. Sometimes when the kids were young the only way that we really got to spend any quality time with each other was to go on long trips. Picture in your mind a truck cab with 2 adults and 2 children and a dog. When the kids got older those trips stopped because their activities took a front seat, which meant that the time we spent as a family got less and less. Sometimes I don't think David has the word "NO" in his vocabulary, but I guess another way to look at it is at least we are working and paying the bills.

Don't get me wrong things at this point in time are going well, actually better than I could ever expect during these economic times, but over the years we had to make some difficult choices.

As they say "this isn't our first rodeo". It has taken more than one time to get it right. Some business's don't last that first five years and here we are half way through our 14 year. You have to go with the flow whether you like it or not.

The comment "It is, what it is" comes up frequently in our business. Sometimes I think people use this as a way to be politically correct. Frankly, I think it has alot of meanings, depending on the day or the client.

At least one thing, we as Americans have the freedom to decide what kind of profession we go into and the choice to watch our lives grow in the direction we wish to take them.

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