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Monday, September 14, 2009

(2) MedX Equipment For Sale

Passing along equipment for sale. Equipment is stored in Sedalia, MO.

Gently used
MedX Grey/Grey owner Mike Murphy contact for pricing info: cell (720) 841-5150/Home (303) 955-8314

Leg Curl, Chest Press, Torso Arm, Arm Curl, Overhead Press, Lateral Raise, Leg Press, Core Lumbar, Seated Dip

MedX White Frame, Black Upholstery, light blue shields. Equipment again is stored in Sedalia, MO call Fred Hahn to negotiate prices... cell (917) 693-2309/ Home 212-666-2613
Would like to sell as package.

Pictures posted are best we can provide...

Leg Press, Leg curl (variable cam), Leg extension (variable cam), Chest Press, Chest Fly, Torso Arm, Compound Row, Laterial Raise, Overhead Press, Tricepts Ext, Biceps Curl, Lower Back EXL, Abdominal with Retrofit....

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craig castanet said...

Dave is the man. He moved heavy Medx equipment for me and I know, from speaking to many other sellers and buyers, that Dave is the most knowledgeable expert in America on moving Medx equipment. He was timely, fast, competent and trustworthy. Thanks Dave. Craig Castanet, D.C.