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Thursday, March 11, 2010


I have tried to update some of the previously listed items for sale and added a new item. I am not reposting pics so you will have to check the old posts for pics. Or just contact the sellers for information...

Steve Bryant, Body Construction, Duluth, GA is looking for some equipment: MedX Avenger row, leg press, leg curl or leg extension. Nautilus Ab Machine, Superslow chest or leg press. His contact info is:

(678)618-1619 e-mail

Blake Biddulph still has the two medical machines as of today. Medical model flexion extension have new computers and the Medaview software setup. Please look at pics on 1-26-2010 post. Contact info is the same (801)380-6304

Mike Murphy still has MedX Grey/Grey contact info is:, (his e-mail has changed in the last few months) phone# cell (720)841-5150, home (303)955-8314

Fred/Linda Hahn still has his set of MedX White frame, black upholstery, light blue shields.
e-mail Fred: or Linda (917) 693-2309 or (212) 666-2613.

Rob Sayler still has his available. See post of 3-2-2010....

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