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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Goalder Transportation ** Information Update**

**Have uploaded new pictures, take a look**

Also with the constant onset of no cell use in so many states and for safety reason also please limit your phone calls to David directly to early morning and evening hours and not during normal working hours. If he doesn't answer please leave detailed message on cell phone or e-mail us directly at You can also call the house, we have a machine, and leave message (660) 829-4241. Give all pertinent information such as phone numbers, addresses, description of machines and any other information we may need. Also please make sure your payment transaction is complete before we are given the 'OK' to pick up. This saves us alot of time and headaches.

I will be uploading pictures soon of equipment that is up for sale in various parts of the company. Please contact the client directly for any other information.

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