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Sunday, November 25, 2012

New Process for 2013/Updated Schedule Goalder Transportation 11/26/2012 thru 12/2012 Year End

To hopefully help a little on keeping track of job requests for 2013, I am revamping a form I tried several years ago. You will now be able to use this form to input all your information for each pickup/delivery. This will maybe alleviated numerous e-mails with bits and pieces of info and phone calls that seems to get lost in the shuffle. Contact me directly by e-mail or call (660) 829-4241. This will then be passed along to David. So no form no pickup..

Working on the schedule will upload later today or tomorrow.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Antique Equipment Collector Item-Milo Triplex Dumbbell

On my recent spur of the moment two day trip with David to Chicago, a client he has worked with for several years asked if he would be able to pick up a special item for him. I always love listening to these one sided conversations and watching the expression on his face. Knowing David as I do he doesn't like to say "No" and doesn't understand sometimes why people buy what they do but I always explain and compare it too all the figure skating items he has purchased for me over the years. Although my collection is no longer really a good comparison probably but everything is collectible. Another man's trash is someone's treasure.

I always enjoy going a little further and finding out what the history is on an item. When I first saw the exchange of this item I thought it looks like the circus sideshow strong man dumb bells. Getting a closer look this Milo Triplex was one of the first of it's kind in the early 1900's.

Further historical significance on this can be read through a paper written by Jan Todd, Ph.D. entitled, "From Milo to Milo-History of Barbells, Dumbbells and Indian Clubs" that is a part of the sports library.

Thanks Tim C for the interesting experience and history lesson.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Equipment for Sale **

Below is some equipment that a client of ours has available for sale. Contact him for pictures and other information.

Precor Model 823 Elliptical (New w/o crate) $4750
Legend 7" Power cage open top white frame cage $1175
Legend Pro Series Incline Lever Row $975 (all black, brand new)
Legend Flat Utlity Bench-$300 (black frame with brand new black pad)
Cybex Dumbbells Racks-$375 each 1 white and 1 black
Cybex Flat Utility Bench-$275 (white frame and brand new black pad)
Cybex Olympic Bench-$550 (white frame red pad)
Cybex Olympic weight tree with bar holders $300
Cybex 8" Power Cage white frame $1150
Cybex Leg Press (white frame plate loaded ) $1100
Bodymasters Olympic Incline Bench (white frame, red pad) $450
Original style Bodymasters Leg Curl white with blue pads $950
Hammer Strength single tier dumbbells rack (2) $350 each
Hammer Strength weight tree (white) $300
Hammer Strength 4-way neck machine (black) $975
Hammer Strength twin tier dumbbell rack (red) $500
Precor Icarian line dumbbell rack ($825) brand new
TAG Fitness rubber pro style round dumbbels 5-65 $1500
TAG Fitness pro style rubber coated round dumbbelss $1300 (95,105,115,120 pairs)
TAGchrome 7" olympic power bar $500 (new)
Intek steel pro style dumbbell set 5-50-$1700 (brand new in crate)
Intek stainless steel power bar 7' olympic bar ($500) new
Intek stainless steel power bar 7' olympic bar ($400)
Ivanko black 7' economy olympic bar with matching Ivanko collars $200
Invanko rubber (RUBO) non-holed coated olympic plates $250 (2-35's, 2-25's,4-10's,4-5's,4-2.5's)
Maxicam Olympic weight tree (white) $225
Iron Grip Urethane pro style dumbbell pair 70 lb-$350
Life Fitness Club Series Vertical Knee Raise/Dip VKR (grey with black frame) $450

Contact Kevin Kelley (WI (near Minneapolis/St. Paul) at 612-232-5251

Friday, October 19, 2012

Equipment Sale

Got a call from Bill Casto of IFR in  NY that he is moving his facility. He is having a Moving/Fire Sale on his equipment. If interested contact him at and he can give you an idea of what he has available.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Testimonals Encouraged

As always with any business the only way we can improve our services is by you our customers. In this age of technology there are good and bad ways to pass on how a company is doing as far as providing the best possible service.

Be as gentle as possible we will take into consideration everything that is posted. Just remember we are a staff of two, we are much better than A&E's Shipping Wars, (if you haven't watched this reality series put it on your list and than do a comparison). I'm pretty sure we will get mostly *****five stars...

Friday, March 2, 2012

DVD and Machine For Sale

Ralph Cornwell has both the DVD available for sale and also wants to sell the Leg Extension Machine. He would like $400.00 for the machine. Contact him directly at (336) 402-4988 or e-mail him at He is in Greensboro, NC.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Goalder Transportation 2012

We have started 2012 with enthusiasm and look forward to serving all our current customers and new ones as we always have. We appreciate your business and would like you to use this blog as a way to express your experience with us. This is our advertising and public relations and our way to improve services to you.

One comment we have heard frequently is "I wish I had went with you in the first place". Some feel what we charge may be "high" but if you take into consideration David's experience and the care he takes in serving our customers, our prices are fair. We provide a unique service and most carriers are a drop and go. You do pay a lower prices at first but the various things that can and do occur with that cheaper prices costs you in the long run. He often goes above and beyond. Yes we agree it does sometime take a little longer if you use us but I assure you, you will be glad you did.. Please come back often to check are schedule. I always label it tentative because things change a lot in this business. Not only on our end, but also your end. "Like" us on our Facebook page Goalder Transportation and leave feedback on it if you prefer.

We look forward to hearing and working with you this year....