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Monday, January 9, 2012

Goalder Transportation 2012

We have started 2012 with enthusiasm and look forward to serving all our current customers and new ones as we always have. We appreciate your business and would like you to use this blog as a way to express your experience with us. This is our advertising and public relations and our way to improve services to you.

One comment we have heard frequently is "I wish I had went with you in the first place". Some feel what we charge may be "high" but if you take into consideration David's experience and the care he takes in serving our customers, our prices are fair. We provide a unique service and most carriers are a drop and go. You do pay a lower prices at first but the various things that can and do occur with that cheaper prices costs you in the long run. He often goes above and beyond. Yes we agree it does sometime take a little longer if you use us but I assure you, you will be glad you did.. Please come back often to check are schedule. I always label it tentative because things change a lot in this business. Not only on our end, but also your end. "Like" us on our Facebook page Goalder Transportation and leave feedback on it if you prefer.

We look forward to hearing and working with you this year....

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