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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Equipment for Sale **

Below is some equipment that a client of ours has available for sale. Contact him for pictures and other information.

Precor Model 823 Elliptical (New w/o crate) $4750
Legend 7" Power cage open top white frame cage $1175
Legend Pro Series Incline Lever Row $975 (all black, brand new)
Legend Flat Utlity Bench-$300 (black frame with brand new black pad)
Cybex Dumbbells Racks-$375 each 1 white and 1 black
Cybex Flat Utility Bench-$275 (white frame and brand new black pad)
Cybex Olympic Bench-$550 (white frame red pad)
Cybex Olympic weight tree with bar holders $300
Cybex 8" Power Cage white frame $1150
Cybex Leg Press (white frame plate loaded ) $1100
Bodymasters Olympic Incline Bench (white frame, red pad) $450
Original style Bodymasters Leg Curl white with blue pads $950
Hammer Strength single tier dumbbells rack (2) $350 each
Hammer Strength weight tree (white) $300
Hammer Strength 4-way neck machine (black) $975
Hammer Strength twin tier dumbbell rack (red) $500
Precor Icarian line dumbbell rack ($825) brand new
TAG Fitness rubber pro style round dumbbels 5-65 $1500
TAG Fitness pro style rubber coated round dumbbelss $1300 (95,105,115,120 pairs)
TAGchrome 7" olympic power bar $500 (new)
Intek steel pro style dumbbell set 5-50-$1700 (brand new in crate)
Intek stainless steel power bar 7' olympic bar ($500) new
Intek stainless steel power bar 7' olympic bar ($400)
Ivanko black 7' economy olympic bar with matching Ivanko collars $200
Invanko rubber (RUBO) non-holed coated olympic plates $250 (2-35's, 2-25's,4-10's,4-5's,4-2.5's)
Maxicam Olympic weight tree (white) $225
Iron Grip Urethane pro style dumbbell pair 70 lb-$350
Life Fitness Club Series Vertical Knee Raise/Dip VKR (grey with black frame) $450

Contact Kevin Kelley (WI (near Minneapolis/St. Paul) at 612-232-5251

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