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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Updated Equipment for Sale List**

Have an updated list of equipment for sale. Please contact client direct--Mike Beardsley (386)752-1652, e-mail He is located in Florida.

 Buy by the piece or as a lot. 
Leg Press-$400
Bent/Row Shrug Stand-$75
Seated Row-$500
Shld. Press-$400
Treadmill -$350 
Ab Board/Ladder-$50
Ab Roller-$20
Reebok Step (25)-$20 each
100lb plates -.40 per pound
Std. plates 50's -.30 per pound
Std. plates 10's-.30 per pound
Tanning Bed (2)-$350 each
Desk (2)-$50 each 

Nautilus Equipment
Bench Press-$800
Shld. Press-$250
Overhead Ab Crunch-$800
Front Ab Crunch-$250
Rotary Torso-$250
Leg Curl-$100
Cybex Equipment
Glute Press-$400
Pec Deck-$500
Shld Raise-$400
Tricep Press-$500

Bodymaster Equipment

Bicep Curl-$450

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