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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Business Experience Summary 2014

It has been an interesting year. Hard to believe 2015 we will celebrate our 20th year as Goalder Transportation. When we first decided to go out on our own after many years of working for someone else by their rules, little did we know it would evolve into what we have become. The many changes the industry goes through sometimes gets hard to keep up with, but the loyal clients and interesting experiences we have had are never ending.

This year was the first time in our existence that we have been able to basically take off for the entire holiday season. But, when one of our long standing clients contacted us on his life changing move right before the holidays, we agreed to make it happen. What started out to be a pretty simple moved ended up well in the end with these beautiful pictures of his new studio.

In-Form Fitness Boulder Valley CO

Remembering our life changing move over 17 years ago I knew what happens when you uproot everything to someplace entirely new. Although we didn't have some of the surprises he ended up with (what goes around comes around I always say Chuck with a smile) by these pictures he is well on his way to a great new life experience in a new place.

Out with the old, in with the new in 2015.

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