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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Rogers Pendulum Leg Curl **For Sale**

Rogers Pendulum Leg Curl For Sale. Contact: Gary Anich (661) 319-8603 for more information.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

How Do You Put a Dollar Amount on Services?

David and I (well mostly me) felt the need to address a topic that has been coming up often lately. Last year was one of our busiest years when it came to facility relocation's either from just down the block to across the country. It usually becomes a big consideration when moving as to the costs both to us and to the customers moving.

Most equipment we have moved in the past 20 years are manufactured to work for many years. The high dollar paid for the machines sometimes cannot be comprehended by most people but those in the fitness/wellness industry make a living using them and also to help others to live a healthier and more productive lifestyle. Of course all of this comes at a cost.

Our goal has always been to take just as good care of these machines when we move them around the country or around your personal home. Of course this comes at a price. Possibly an amount you hadn't intended or think may be too much.

I can remember many instances in our history where to try and cut costs clients have wanted to save money by doing it themselves, only to later tell us, "Gee I wish I would have just spent the extra money for you to do it for me".

The cost to your body that isn't familiar with the art of moving can take its toll (medical expenses). The mileage, gas and other unexpected costs to rent a truck, and your time to do the same things we do we have heard time and time again isn't what they thought it would be. 40 years of experience in freight, moving, equipment relocation is the best experience we can give you.

Many attempt to include the cost of purchasing the machine and the cost of shipping into whether the machine is worth it.  Of course the importance of the machine to the individual usually outweighs how it may get to them but usually the first thing people think about is cutting the shipping costs down. It is understandable but often times not realistic.

I guess its all in how you look at it. Money is tight for everyone in today's economy. Everyone cuts costs where they can, even us.  Make the whole experience as easy as possible. 
The peace of mind, and correctly working equipment can outweigh things you might not have even thought about.

The old saying, "Do it Right the First Time, You Will be Glad You Did". Takes on a whole different meaning.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Goalder Transportation Tentative Schedule 2/2/2015 thru 2/8/2015

Tentative subject to change

Monday, Tuesday February 1,2-FL
Wednesday, Feburary 3-VA
Thursday, February 4-TN
Friday, February 5-KY
Saturday, Sunday February 6-7-TX (multiples ?)