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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I Would Like to Make Your Job Easier

Sometimes don't you just wish you could snap your fingers and Voila! things would be a piece of cake. Sadly, nothing in life comes easy. Everything takes hard work, determination, sometimes a little sweat and heartache.

Most of the times I try and get to e-mails at least once a day. I don't keep "connected" as some might think. David keeps about as connected as a can to a string. Clients think its a joke when I say; he doesn't e-mail, text, or even know how to connect to the Internet.   My go to phrase in speaking or e-mailing to anyone in a nutshell is "he leaves most of the office decision making to me so really the only way to get to him is through me". I have gotten to the point where about every few weeks I take off from technology. No e-mail, phones, Internet etc. It can actually be wonderful. If you haven't tried it do so.

Recently I came across an e-mail that normally I don't even bother with.  Usually for me the e-mail etiquette--if it doesn't include a subject; I won't open it! If the subject line has no subject that is relevant to our business, I won't open it either. Catchy subject lines are a big no-no in my book. This one in particular said "David is this for you ;)". My first thought was it is probably spam and or about male enhancements. Yes, why someone would e-mail such information is beyond me. But, I did open this particular e-mail.

When I cautiously opened and read "I am sure you are busy but if you have a moment to chat about a software that might help your business please give me a call". I read a little further saw that they had an article in:

National Truckin' Magazine published an article about us in their latest issue, you can see it here:

I watched the short overview video but essentially I do my own version that they are offering, probably not as simplified and have for the 20 plus years we have been doing equipment. Yes, if someone tried to step in my shoes they would essentially probably simplify better but "if it's not broke, don't fix it". I did take the time to answer her that if David got the software I would be out of a job, which she in turn sent a reply e-mail

P.S. I found you guys on Facebook, and liked your page, I just had to see you two. Because, my job: sending people emails they don't want is not really easy, and you kinda made my day with your funny remark, thanks :)

So I guess it was a win/win for both of us. We both made each other laugh.

Another tip I would give is if you represent any company and are doing an introduction email, please include the full information. Name, company, phone number and address. I did look up her area code to at least know she was calling from a Texas number.

In today's Internet world an e-mail or text or a contact on other social media can mean the difference between doing business with each other. Sometimes you wonder where people get the information they provide as a teaser in an e-mail also. She indicated that it looked as though we had a strong connection in the trucking industry. Actually, we don't. What we do isn't done by many in the trucking industry. Why? Not sure other than it is hard work! We do have a strong network in the fitness/training/exercise equipment industry and we appreciate them tremendously.

I guess for start-up trucking companies this maybe the software for you. All you can do is try it. It just won't make our job easier.

I will be a positive business owner and forward the contact information:

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