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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Goalder Transportation 2016

We hope everyone has a great end of year with the holidays knocking on our doorstep we are taking time to enjoy the things we don't always get a chance to do. A little rest, reflection and looking ahead to 2017 is all a part of the time off.

We will be back sometime around January 5th. If you want to schedule something send us an e-mail. We will try and schedule you in as soon as possible.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Goalder Transportation Tentative Schedule- Deember 4 thru December 8, 2016

Well at that time of year again; to little time, not enough room or all of the above. At least we don't look like the picture David and I like to joke about below. Getting as much as humanly,( David) possible so we can take a little holiday down time. This is the schedule as it stands now. Trying to make room and time for what we can. Always next year, fingers crossed.

Sunday- December 4-Monday-December 5-CT
Tuesday-December 6-Wednesday-December 7-NJ
Thursday-December 8-MD/PA

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Equipment for Sale** 11/27/2016

MedX equipment for sale. Contact Matt Dudek, in FL by e-mail or call (239) 699-2882 for any further information on the equipment.

Shoulder Lateral Raise x2
Knee Extension

also a Nautilus nitro leg curl

Friday, November 11, 2016

Goalder Transportation Tentative Schedule November 11 thru November 15, 2016

Wow!! What a week. It will definitely go down in the history books or is the best horror story of all times.  Not exactly sure what or if it will be out of our minds. I guess the big word for this week was loss. RIP Snookie enjoy your new playground.

Below is the tentative schedule up through Nov. 16. May have a couple short things before Thanksgiving but still working that out.

Friday, November 11-Drive
Saturday- November 12 MS
Sunday, November 13-AR
Monday, November 14-15, TX
Wednesday, November 16-MO

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Goalder Transportation Tentative Schedule November 1 thru 8, 2016*****CUSTOMERS PLEASE NOTE**UPDATED 11/9/2016

Tentative schedule, subject to change without notice.

 At this point nothing new can be added on this trip. We will only have 1 more trip to gather items and going out west for one last trip of the year!

Would really appreciate if you could probably save us all some hassles. If you purchase an item please wait until all the work has been done on your end before you send order to us. Multiple e-mails with insufficient information is taking additional time on our part that is unnecessary and causing problems. If you don't have e-mail at all and phone in an order I will return calls as soon as I can.

 Please fill out the attached form. Provide all necessary information. Is it in a basement?  Tractor/Trailer 53 ft. access? Any other useful information beforehand that we should be aware of.  Its your responsibility to ask questions.

 If you can't download the form; re-create it in a file, do a page 2 if needed. Information is key that you can send to me. It is your responsibility to make sure you are following through with the order. Keep us updated if you cancel an order. If both the seller and the receiver are involved in e-mail, cc each other so I know we are on the same page please. Make sure money situation is fulling handled, get pictures of items beforehand.  This form is also available on the blog to download (no excuses). Providing all this will make the process go smoothly for all. I will start rejecting orders if you don't provide all the information required, Sorry multiple upon multiple e-mails is getting to take up to much time.  I hope I have covered our concerns, if you have any questions, please ask us we want the process to go as smooth as possible for all of us.

Below is the schedule for the week. Thanks for your assistance in making all our jobs a little easier.

Tuesday, November 1- Drive, NC
Wednesday, November 2, NC
Thursday, November 3, SC
Friday, November 4-GA
 Saturday, November 5 thru  **THURSDAY, November 10-FL

Monday, October 24, 2016

Goalder Transportation Tentative Schedule October 24 thru October 31, 2016

Well again we are getting close to the end of the year. Where has all the time gone? We are working do get everyone covered before the holidays and colder weather sets in. They are calling for a brutal winter in some places which we hope doesn't happen.

The schedule is extremely tentative but as close as we can get at this point. If you have sent us orders, calls or whatever else way you have chosen to notify us we will get to you ASAP. Doing our best to accommodate everyone's schedules. But, remember we have schedules to keep also.  We would like to spend the holidays with family and not on the road so also bear that in mind.

Monday-October 24 WI
Tuesday-October 25-MI
Wednesday-October 26-OH
Thursday-October 27-OH
Friday-October 28-TN
Saturday-Monday October 29-31 NJ,MD,DE, NY, CT (tentative)

We can work together, it just takes a little logistical magic.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

MEDX Shields Available UPDATED 10/8/2016**ALL SOLD****10/31/2016

The list has been updated to reflect what is still available. Please contact for pricing.

LPX-Leg Press

LEX- Leg Extension

PLC- Prone Leg Curl

OHP- Overhead Press



ABI-Ab Machine

ROW-Seated Row

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Goalder Transportation Tentative Schedule 9/29/2016 thru 10/4/2016 UPDATES/ACCESSORIES AVAILABLE**

A little time to regroup, unload, accomplish some much needed tasks at home. Sometimes we forget that being on the road as long as we are that things start to pile up in our home life.  Here is short schedule.

Friday, September 30-Austin, TX facility move
Saturday-October 1-Baytown, TX
Sunday-October 2-TX?
Monday-October 3-Mandville, LA
Tuesday-October 4-MO pickups ? pending//home

Will be figuring schedule east, midwest after October 8.

We also have available a complete set of black MedX shields for the following:


 Contact us for pricing.

Fall is upon us. Only a few months until the end of the year. We are hoping to take off majority of
 Dec. please plan ahead.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Equipment for Sale** September 26, 2016

Equipment for Sale- contact Rick Stafford, IL (815) 222-1610 for additional information and pictures.

MedX Seated Dip and a MedX Leg Press

Monday, September 12, 2016


Another assortment of equipment for sale. Contact is TJ Lynch in NY (631) 835-9955. Contact him by e-mail for pictures and future details on machines.

MedX leg extension
MedX lateral raise
MedX pullover

Avenger Row
Avenger Dip
Avenger Chest Press


Subject to change without notice.

I have been super remiss in posting schedule. I apologize. David has been in California this past week and will continue pick ups and deliveries through as of right now through September 15. Then a couple other stops before returning home to unload, reload, regroup get some things done at home and then it will be off to Texas for a facility move. Will have a better idea of what the schedule looks like probably after September 18.

Thanks for patience and understanding.

Friday, September 2, 2016

For Sale** September 2, 2016

A MedX Bicep Curl--Please contact Bill Casto at IFR (585) 415-3234 for additional  photos and information.  You may also e-mail him at

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Goalder Transportation Tentative Schedule August 22 thru August 29, 2016

As always, subject to change without notice

Monday-August 22 TX
Tuesday-August 23-LA
Wednesday, August 24-AR
Thursday-August 25-TX
Friday-August 26-Drive
Saturday-August 27-Monday August 29-IL

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Goalder Transportation Tentative Schedule July 28 thru August August 6, 2016

Tentative schedule subject to change without notice

Thursday-July 28-NC
Friday-July 29 thru Saturday, August 6-varying pick ups, deliveries, facility moves within FL. May be shorter timeframe or longer still continuing to work that out at posting time.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

MedX Equipment Line For Sale 7/27/2016*******SOLD********

Some equipment for sale. Contact is Tony Tribolet at FitStrength e-mail him at or phone at (949)221-8272 for more information.  SOLD

MedX MedX Leg press
1 MedX MedX Prone leg curl
1 MedX MedX Leg Extensions
1 MedX MedX Lateral Raise
1 MedX MedX Bicep curl
1 MedX MedX Triceps ext
1 MedX MedX Seated Chest Press
1 MedX MedX Torso Arm / Lat Pulldown
1 MedX MedX Arm Cross
1 MedX MedX Seated row
1 MedX MedX Overhead Shoulder Press
1 MedX MedX Rotary Torso - Overhead Cam
1 MedX MedX Stretch

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Goalder Transportation Tentative Schedule July 18-July 26, 2016

Tentative schedule subject to change without notice

Monday, July 18-RI
Tuesday, July 19-NY
Wednesday, July 20, NJ,DE, PA
Thursday, July 21-NY thru Saturday, July 23
Sunday, July 24-approx. July 26, NC

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Goalder Transportation Tentative Schedule July 10 thru July 17 2016

Subject to change without notice

Sunday, July 10 MN
Monday, July 11 IL
Tuesday, July 12 IL
Wednesday, July 13 MI
Thursday, July 14 PA
Friday, July 15 NY
Saturday, July 16 CT
Sunday, July 17 RI

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Goalder Transportation June 9, 2016 Equipment for Sale**

Another batch of equipment for sale. Please contact Dave Karsten for photos and additional information before purchasing. (513) 235-7454

Avenger Converging Chest Press
Avenger Pulldown
MedX Rotary Torso
MedX Stretch
MedX Chest Press
MedX Pullover
MedX Arm Cross
MedX Abdominal
Various Hammer/ONE/

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Goalder Transportation Client Equipment for Sale 6/2/2016 UPDATED 6/9/2016

Contact TJ Lynch for pictures, pricing and additional information. (631) 835-9955

Avenger Leg Press
Avenger Leg Extension
Avenger Converging Chest Press
Avenger Seated Dip
Avenger Seated Row
Nebula Leg Press
TK Star Seated Calf Raise
New unused Rae Crowther/Nebual Pro Gold Power Rack

Additional machines for sale added 6/9/2016

MedX Leg Extension
Seated Leg Curl
Chest Press

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Goalder Transportation Tentative Schedule May 23-May 31, 2016

Subject to change without notice. Due to the holidays it may change a little, but not much.

Monday-May 23-WY
Tuesday-May 24-ID
Wednesday-May 25- Friday, May27-OR
Saturday-May 28-AZ
Sunday-May 29-NV
Monday, Tuesday-May 30,31 CA

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Goalder Transportation Tentative Schedule 4/27 thru 5/3/ 2016 Equipment For Sale** 4/27/2016

Killing two birds with one boulder on this one.

Very tentative schedule but if any changes for those on the list, David will give you call directly.

Wednesday- April 27-NC, VA
Thursday-April 28-PA,NJ, NY thru Monday, May 2-He will be doing several things around these three states.

Tuesday-May 3-MI

Also have 2 machines from Josh Mills contact him directly for additional information on these.


Saturday, April 16, 2016

Goalder Transportation Tentative Schedule April 16 thru April 29, 2016/ Equipment for Sale**

Always subject to change without notice

Saturday-April 16-PA
Sunday-April 17-PA
Monday-April 18-VT,CT,RI
Tuesday-April 19-NJ
Wednesday-April 20-PA, DE, MD
Thursday-April 21-Drive
Friday-April 22-NC
Saturday-April 23-April 29 FL (tentative all week)

Also have a MedX Avenger Leg Press for sale. Contact TJ Lynch  e-mail or call (631) 835-9955 for additional pictures or detailed information.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Goalder Transportation Tentative Schedule April 7 thru April 13, 2016 UPDATE 4/8/2016

UPDATE****Mother Nature has changed the schedule. Those of you who had deliveries scheduled David will notify you of date changes if he hasn't already done so.

Schedule subject to change without notice. We attempt to accommodate schedules as best as possible.

Also note-Please make note below is a picture of the truck and trailer that we use to deliver equipment. It is a 53 foot trailer and a semi-truck. If your situation is such that delivery may be an issue please be forthcoming in letting us know the full situation before scheduling your delivery. It makes for a lot easier experience on both parties. Also if you have any other special circumstances: i.e. insurance requirements, please give us significant notice to handle these matters.

Thanks for your understanding and honesty in these matters.

UPDATED 4/8/2016 10:30 a.m.
Thursday-April 7 KY, IN
Friday- April 8- IN
Saturday-April 9-OH
Sunday-April 10-Drive
Monday-April 11-MD, DE
Tuesday-April 12-PA
Wednesday-April 13-NY

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Equipment for Sale** March 29, 2016 UPDATE 4/8/2016

Pictures of the following equipment for sale. Contact Mike Creamer, he is in NYC (212) 353-8834 e-mail is for further information on pricing and condition.

Mike has additional equipment for sale. UPDATED PICTURES OF EQUIPMENT AS OF 4/8/2016

Set of 8 fixed weight barbells ranging in lbs 130-200 plus a horizontal rack. 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Goalder Transportation Tentative Schedule March 24 thru April 2, 2016

Subject to change without notice- If you have sent us information on pickups we are making two trips back to back. We will try and accommodate the best we can with limited room the first time around if not then the second time he comes through. Thanks for your patience. He will be calling you.

Thursday, March 24-IL
Friday, March 25-IL
Saturday-March 26-TN
Sunday-March 27-Drive
Monday-March 28-GA
Tuesday-March 29-FL thru Saturday, April 2 FL

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Goalder Transportation Tentative Schedule February 23-February 26, 2016

Schedule is subject to change without notice.

Tuesday, February 23-IL
Wednesday, February 24-MI
Thursday, February 25-MI, OH
Friday, February 26-PA?/OH

Tip of the Day: Please research out your purchases and have a dialog with buyers/sellers. Don't put the transport company in situations that you wouldn't want to be put in yourself.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Goalder Transportation Tentative Schedule 1/29/2016 thru 2/1/2016

Well it is no surprise that the weather at this time of year creates much havoc. I have posted about taking risks in snowy conditions recently and hope our clients understand that sometimes we have no control over what happens. We can go with the best intentions but usually after the words come out of our mouth something changes. If one deadline changes, they all change. Thank goodness we were able to stay out of the major snowstorm in the east due to quick thinking and scheduling.  Several clients are having major moves so construction and build out dates changes so in turn our schedules will change. We do the best we can, hope you can understand our dilemmas.  You always have an option to go to your Plan B transportation service.

Recently I posted this video on our Facebook page. We too have ran into this type of situation. I guess people are free to ask anything of you but sometimes you do have to draw the line.  Several over the years have attempted to get things for "free" but in the long run those people probably due to tactics they have used; We won't be excepting phone calls from them. Hasn't been many but you are on the naughty list.

Short Schedule-January 29-MN
Saturday-January 30-IL
Sunday-January 31-MI
Monday-February 1-OH

Watch What Happens When You Ask Non-Creative Professionals to Work for Free

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Goalder Transportation Tentative Schedule Week of January 12 thru 18, 2016

Well here we are again, on the hamster wheel of life and business. The weather played a little havoc, customers played a little too. I will probably only be posting for a week at a time until further notice. Sorry things have to be sometimes so vague but what can I say.

Tuesday-January 12-IL
Wednesday, January 13-KY, OH
Thursday-January 14-AL
Friday, January 15-TN, NC
Saturday-January 16-VA(2)?
Sunday, January 17-MD
Monday, January 18-NJ

Please note if weather becomes an issue will be subject to change without notice.