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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Goalder Transportation June 9, 2016 Equipment for Sale**

Another batch of equipment for sale. Please contact Dave Karsten for photos and additional information before purchasing. (513) 235-7454

Avenger Converging Chest Press
Avenger Pulldown
MedX Rotary Torso
MedX Stretch
MedX Chest Press
MedX Pullover
MedX Arm Cross
MedX Abdominal
Various Hammer/ONE/

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Goalder Transportation Client Equipment for Sale 6/2/2016 UPDATED 6/9/2016

Contact TJ Lynch for pictures, pricing and additional information. (631) 835-9955

Avenger Leg Press
Avenger Leg Extension
Avenger Converging Chest Press
Avenger Seated Dip
Avenger Seated Row
Nebula Leg Press
TK Star Seated Calf Raise
New unused Rae Crowther/Nebual Pro Gold Power Rack

Additional machines for sale added 6/9/2016

MedX Leg Extension
Seated Leg Curl
Chest Press