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Friday, August 7, 2020


 Please contact Mike directly for additional pics and information. 

Nautilus Next Generation circuit ELEVEN (15) machines for sale:

**Machines Can Be Sold Individually**

Leg Press

Leg Extension

Leg Curl

Hip Abduction/Adduction

Double Chest

Flat Bench Press

Super Pullover

Torso Arm

Compound Row

Overhead Press

Lateral raise

Multi Triceps

Multi Biceps


Lower Back

For more information:

Contact Mike S. (347) 515-3726

Wednesday, August 5, 2020


Have a client in Cherry Hill, NJ looking for the piece below. Please email with information.

Hoist MI7 dual action smith with dual weight stacks,

Exercise Equipment for Sale 8/5/2020**

Please contact seller directly for additional information and pictures.

No rips in pads. Seat pad just replaced. Missing a few plastic covers in the back and one is cracked as shown in picture

Price: $3,000

Trades: Flex chest press, forearm machine, tk Star, avenger


Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Equipment for Sale 7/7/2020 Group #2

Please contact client directly for additional information and pictures. Indicates prices are negotiable. Client will offer better pricing if multiples/group is purchased. Contact Bryna (213) 840-6122 or email at

MedX Core Abdominal - $2100
MedX Lateral Raise - $2000
MedX Stretch - $1995
MedX Rotary Torso - $3500
MedX Pullover - $3900

Equipment for Sale 7/7/2020** Group 1

A few machines for sale. Please contact customer directly for pictures and additional information.

1 MedX Lumbar
1 Nautilus Nitro Row
1 Nautilus Nitro Assisted Dip and Chin

Email TJ Lynch or (631) 835-9955

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Equipment for Sale 6/23/2020**

Contact seller Melanie P. directly for additional information. Phone: (702)802-9622

Life Fitness SM22 Dual Adjustable Pulley
Excellent condition, used very rarely in home gym. 

The Life Fitness SM22 Dual Adjustable Pulley has two adjustable pulleys positioned 53” (134 cm) apart to accommodate an infinite number of exercises. By adjusting a lever, each weight stack can be configured to allow either one quarter or one half resistance. The space between pulleys easily accommodates most benches and wheelchairs. Exercises performed are the same as on a multijungle with the addition of bench press exercises.

The following products are not standard but can be added as options -
 - Revolving Lat Bars
 - Straight Bars
 - Revolving Low Pulley Bar
 - Pressdown Bars
 - Single Grip with Rotating Handle
 - Revolving Curl Bar
 - Tricep Rope


  • Pulleys adjust from 8” to 84” high in 4” increments. 
  • An adjustment below the weight stack allows users to select ½ or ¼ of the resistance of the weight indicated on the stack. 
  • With ¼ resistance selected and an increment weight, a user can select as little as 2 ½ lbs of resistance or as much as 47 ½ lbs of resistance in 1 ¼ lbs increments. By switching to ½ resistance, users can select from 5 lbs to 97.5 lbs of resistance in 2 ½ lbs increments. 
  • Crossover handles, ankle strap and increment weight. 
  • Handles positioned above the user and between adjustable pulleys to accommodate pull-up exercises.

  • Weight Stacks: 190 lbs (86 kg)
  • Weight: 810 lbs (367.5 kg)
  • Dimensions: 75" L x 48" W x 92" H / (190.5 x 122 x 234 cm)

Goalder Transportation Update 6/23/2020

We have had inquiries as to our status availability. We are back on the road and have been since May 8th. We have been playing catch up with orders that we couldn't finish due to COVID but things have gotten back again.

Currently have a full truckload ready for west coast and are not taking any more orders going west. Sorry if it rains it pours. Hopefully, another order west will be put together before the end of the year it just depends on many variables.

Although we are on social media, still prefer emails be sent over a Facebook or Instagram Message. If you can please provide all information at once when inquiring that would be terrific. We take for granted the abilities of social media and emails to take the place of phone conversations which I truly understand. It can be hard but emails for us is the best way. David again, does not do social media or text, his phone is used the old fashioned way to talk. I know many do not which to bother him during working hours and if he doesn't answer leave him a voicemail.

I perspective client recently said we were listed as CLOSED. Please give us a call, email or check our social media pages that are posted on regularly. As they say, "Don't depend on just one source, go to the real source".

Continue to check back on the blog. We post equipment pretty regular. I also attempt to update the best I am able to whether items are SOLD.

Happy Travels....