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Monday, April 12, 2021

Equipment for Sale 4/12/2021

 Contact Andrea Marzullo email for additional information, pics and details.

Equipment for Sale 4/12/2021

 Contact Gary Sandrini  email for additional information, details and pictures.

Flex Standing leg curl. Refurbished like new
Freemotion plate loaded squat machine. Brand new
Steve Dewitt Selectorized Power Runner. New Bought 2 years ago.
Strive Selectorized lying leg curl. Used condition.

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Equipment for Sale** 3/23/2021

 MedX Chest Press for Sale- Contact Rick Stafford at (815) 222-1610 for additional information and pictures. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Equipment For Sale MedX Lumbar** February 23, 2021

MedX Lumbar For Sale contact seller directly for additional pictures and information. 
TJ - (631) 835-9955 He is located in New York.


Wednesday, August 5, 2020


Have a client in Cherry Hill, NJ looking for the piece below. Please email with information.

Hoist MI7 dual action smith with dual weight stacks,

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Goalder Transportation Update 6/23/2020

We have had inquiries as to our status availability. We are back on the road and have been since May 8th. We have been playing catch up with orders that we couldn't finish due to COVID but things have gotten back again.

Currently have a full truckload ready for west coast and are not taking any more orders going west. Sorry if it rains it pours. Hopefully, another order west will be put together before the end of the year it just depends on many variables.

Although we are on social media, still prefer emails be sent over a Facebook or Instagram Message. If you can please provide all information at once when inquiring that would be terrific. We take for granted the abilities of social media and emails to take the place of phone conversations which I truly understand. It can be hard but emails for us is the best way. David again, does not do social media or text, his phone is used the old fashioned way to talk. I know many do not which to bother him during working hours and if he doesn't answer leave him a voicemail.

I perspective client recently said we were listed as CLOSED. Please give us a call, email or check our social media pages that are posted on regularly. As they say, "Don't depend on just one source, go to the real source".

Continue to check back on the blog. We post equipment pretty regular. I also attempt to update the best I am able to whether items are SOLD.

Happy Travels....

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Request for Equipment and Goalder Transportation Update 4/21/2020*

Well like most people are eagerly waiting to get back on the road and do what we do. We have managed to keep busy the last month under stay-at-home here in Missouri but are eager and need to get back to work. We have had many emails and calls about when we will do so.

Right now, state and counties within the state of Missouri are under a stay-at-home order until May 3rd for the State and county wise until I believe April 25th. (always subject to minute by minute changes). This is a very weird time since different states are doing different things. We will do our best to work around this and make changes as needed.  Stay tuned.....

We have had a request for equipment. If anyone has any of the items listed below, please email or with pictures and prices.

Nebula Seated Dip

Nautilus Super Forearm

Prototype Atlantis Fitness Ball Throw/Return Seated Station (Atlantis Fitness version of an "Ab Solo") Atlantis had it in a big gym and thereafter disappeared somewhere.

Yellow Captain America Bumper Plates ONNIT Fitness

Red Captain America Bumper Plates ONNIT Fitness